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Search Engine Optimization has become a staple marketing tactic for a wide variety of business enterprise around the globe. In achieving this feat, the industry has proved its naysayer wrong, all to the benefit of information technology-savvy businesses. However, despite having grown to be among the best marketing strategies in today’s world where information technology (and more precisely, the internet) is king, SEO growth is not running out of steam. On the contrary, it seems that it will grow exponentially as we move into the future.

However, the current state of affairs has not been the case always. Its journey to being one of the best, if not THE best marketing tactics/methods has been long. And for the most part, the growth of SEO industry has been a journey of discovery and experimentation.

For instance, one of the pioneers of the industry, Greg Boser, discovered that the marketing potential of the internet, in as far as selling protective foam equipment to firefighters in 1994 set up a website for his business. Thereafter, he delved in crafting ways in which he could drive traffic to his websites, thus setting the principle of actively altering and tinkering with websites to achieve better traffic and traffic conversions.

Christine Churchill, another pioneer of the industry, in 1996 set up a website for her company with the aim of taking advantage of the now growing technology” the Wolrd Wide Web. However, she realized that the task of maintaining a website was burdensome and tedious, to say the least. To solve this problem, she delved into making software tools that made maintaining websites a great deal easier. She later sold the tools to other website users, thus becoming the earliest webmaster to develop and sell tools for SEO purposes.

As we can appreciate, SEO is inextricably linked to the development and the proliferation of search engine technology. In this regard, the emergence of search and the increased popularity and use of lead to the increase in popularity of SEO. Though there had been numerous search engines, beginning with Excite (developed in 1993) to Yahoo!, MSN Search and AllTheWeb, it was the development and refine of Google that brought SEO to the forefront. As more and more people relied on Google to browse the web, the more the top ten links on the search engine results page became valuable, thus sparking the growth of the SEO industry.

The SEO industry, however, is unrecognizable from its humble beginnings. It has grown in terms of the amount of money involved, its demand, as well as the diversity of tactics used to achieve optimization. For instance, in the case of the value of the industry (basically, the amount of money spent on attaining SEO services) was estimated by Borrell Associates to be $65 billion in 2016. The company further projected the industry to be valued at about $72 billion as soon as 2018 and about $79 billion in 2020, a pointer to the persistent growth of the industry.

Additionally, in 2015 reported the demand for SEO services had grown by as much as 18% in top 20 cities around the globe since 2012. They also reported that in the same period salaries for SEO professionals has increased by an average of 17% across the board. Few industries exhibited the same growth trajectory.

In a nutshell, expect more growth in the SEO industry in the coming years, if history and projections are anything to go by. for more info check out click ubiquitee

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