Power flushing Central Heating systems

Power flushing Central Heating Systems Can Increase Their Efficiency

Many central heating systems work through the use of heated water that makes it way through a network of pipes and ends in radiators that emit the required heat in living spaces. This constant use of heated water leads to the buildup of rust, deposits, sludge, and limescale in the pipework that then increases the energy requirement for producing the required heat and also impedes the free flow of water through the pipe network and radiators.

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When the efficiency of the system is drastically reduced it point to the need for power flushing central heating systems that can remove all the accumulation in the pipe network and radiators and have them functioning as required. This cleaning is done through a power flushing machine that is connected to the heating system at any point that is convenient. This is best done at the tail of a radiator and the machine then pumps water through the entire system at high velocities, which helps in dislodging all the materials that have accumulated and are not necessary for the heating. Damage to the system is averted by using low pressures, but high velocities. Chemicals can be added to the water that is being flushed to the system, as this can help to dissolve stubborn unwanted materials. The detritus carried away by the power flushing machine is filtered out, and the water is recirculated, till the water that is in the system is clean. The addition of chemicals is then stopped and water that is pH neutral is pumped back into the system.

epowerflush.com a reputable power flushing company suggest you can check the need for power flushing central heating systems by bleeding a radiator and checking on the water that is seen. Most radiators will have small valves at the tail end that allow for such bleeding. These valves also allow for removal of air during initial installation and before a central heating system is commissioned. If the bleeding reveals water that is dirty or cloudy, it is a sure sign that there are materials in the system that are unwanted and that the system is a right candidate for power flushing.

Power flushing in London can take anything between 4 and 8 hours, depending on the size of the system and its condition. The need for power flushing is also indicated when boilers make strange noises, radiators are slow to heat up, or there are spots on them that remain cool. It is often undertaken after the fitting of a new boiler.