Who is Lisa Faulkner


What You Need To Know About Lisa Faulkner

Celebrity Lisa Faulkner is a 46-year-old TV personality who was previously a well-known actress, a television chef, and a host for a number of cooking shows. She was born-and-raised in South West London and educated in Kingston. At the age of 16 her mother died of cancer and she was known for frequently discussing her loss and anguish in a variety of interviews.

She took strength form her close relationship with her mother to create her very 1st cookery book that she titled Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter. She has gone onto release 2 more cook books by the name of Tea and Cake and The Way I Cook. At the age of 16 in the same year that her mother died, Lisa was found by a popular modelling agency and later in the 1990’s she started acting in TV dramas.

Lisa Faulkner In EastEnders

In EastEnders Lisa played the sophisticated and stylish Fi Browning in this BBC soap, assisting Max Branning with his plots and plans for revenge against the residents of Walford. In one of statements about the role, she stated how happy she was about joining the EastEnders cast. She went onto say that the show was iconic, and she was excited about playing her part in the show.

She went onto reveal that John Torode her boyfriend assisted her in learning her lines. She also said that John was so excited as he himself was a huge EastEnders fan. The character Fi eventually turned good after she started to find out about the nature associated with James Willmott-Brown her father, and then left the Square directly after Christmas after she handed the caf’ deeds back to Kathy Beale.

What Other Roles Has Lisa Faulkner Played?

Lisa claims most of her fame from a role she played in Holby City, where she played the character Victoria Merrick. She starred in 43 episodes that ran from 1999 to 2001. Victoria was one of those much-loved characters on this show, but the character 2019s role came to an end after she was killed due to a stabbing that occurred in her home.

Faulkner has also starred in a number of long-running TV series, that includes New Street Law, Brookside, and the gritty drama known as Murder in Suburbia. After she won the award of “Celebrity MasterChef” in the year 2010, she changed her career path to hosting duties on TV, more specifically the cooking programs that included What’s Cooking? A show broadcasted on Channel 4. Other jobs included working in “Smiths of Smithfield”, a restaurant owned by John in London, shortly after winning MasterChef.


When Did John Torode And Lisa Faulkner Start Dating?

Australian-native John Torode and Lisa started dating in October in the 2012, but they first met when Lisa was participating in Celebrity MasterChef in 2010. When the show was filmed, Lisa was at this stage still married to Chris Coghill an actor from EastEnders. The 2 have and adopted daughter together by the name of Billie. In April 2012, Lisa and Chris decided to get a divorce after a seven-year marriage. Just six months later, Lisa made a public announcement about her new relationship with John Torode.

Wrap up

John was also previously married to his wife Jessica since the year 2007, but they also split up in the year 2011. Since getting together, Lisa and John have appeared frequently alongside one another on a number of cooking segments featured on morning TV. Before Lisa was married to Chris she was also engaged to Jonny Lee Miller, a well-known Elementary actor as well as the star of the iconic movie Trainspotting.
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